Frequently Asked Questions

When is my bill due?2021-06-01T19:26:50+00:00

Bill are due on the 10th of each month. A fifteen percent (15%) charge will apply if payment is not received by the due date.

Can I pay my bill in person?2022-12-28T18:09:41+00:00

Yes, payments may be made in person at our office located at 2145 S. Fieldspan Road Duson, LA 70529. Payment box is available 24/7 for check payment drop-off.

When are bills mailed?2021-06-01T19:27:56+00:00

Bills are mailed the last working day of the month and reflect service already received. If you do not receive your bill within the time it is due you are responsible for notifying the office.

When will my water be disconnected?2021-06-01T19:28:18+00:00

If your payment is not received by the fifteenth (15th) of the month, your meter will be disconnected. NO FURTHER NOTICE OR EXCEPTIONS WILL BE GIVEN.

Is there a reconnection fee if my water is disconnected?2024-01-22T23:55:39+00:00

If service has been disconnected due to delinquency, a $50.00 fee will be required for reinstatement. This fee is not refundable. Reconnection fee must be paid by cash or check only.

I am a renter. Do I need to pay a deposit to have my water turned on?2021-06-01T19:29:01+00:00

All tenants of rental property are required to pay a $100.00 deposit and a $15.00 connection charge to have water turned on. The $100.00 deposit is refundable if there is no balance due on the account.

What are your water rates?2024-01-22T23:51:40+00:00

Water rates are determined by the size of water meter you choose to service your house. Use the table below to determine your rate.

Meter Rate Usage
3/4 inch $25.00 flat rate (includes first 2,000 gallons used) $5.10 per thousand gallons
1 inch $36.00 flat rate $5.10 per thousand gallons
1.5 inch $65.00 flat rate $5.10 per thousand gallons
2 inch $125.00 flat rate $5.10 per thousand gallons


How do I enroll in automatic bank draft for bill payment?2024-04-08T17:09:39+00:00

Make paying your water bill easy by enrolling in automatic bank draft.

  • Simply print this form
  • Fill it out completely
  • Attach a voided check
  • Drop the form with voided check attached at our office 2145 S. Fieldspan Road, Duson, LA 70529
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